Innovative and affordable service for the Preventive Conservation monitoring of individual Cultural Artefacts during display, storage, handling and transport

CollectionCare Conference Recordings

DAY 1 – Collections’ needs and challenges

Recorded presentations

Design of tables with unified criteria for the preliminary phases of the study of cultural heritage: risk indicators and priorities

Tailor-made protection of paintings against shock and vibration during transport

Conservation of the archeological metallic heritage of Navarra

Risk management of archaeo – paleontological collection from sierra de Atapuerca sites at CENIEH

New premises, new challenges: Integrating Preventive Conservation at the National Library of Greece

Building light risk categories for the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac collection to prioritize its microfadotesting and formulate its lighting policy: which criteria to use? How to assess and select the best approach?

Risk assessment applied to public-art collections: an integrated tool for programmed conservation

Using Threat Landscapes as a Preventive Conservation Tool

Museum pollutants and preventive conservation: review and future perspectives

DAY 2 – Predictive analysis of cultural objects and preventive conservation

Recorded presentations

Refinements on Accelerated Corrosion Testing – Development of Sustainable, Reproducible Indicator Plates and Reaction Vessels

Measuring Object Deterioration Rates In-Situ

Wood discoloration patterns depending on the light source

Developing conservation-focused curriculum to advance analysis of temperature and relative humidity data

Supporting preventive conservation strategies for oil paintings with water transport modelling

Hygro-mechanical modelling of wooden cultural objects for damage and risk assessment as a tool for preventive conservation

A Statistical Methodology to Characterize the Thermal Conditions for Art Conservation in a Museum

Impact of dynamic environmental variations on massive wooden cultural objects

New metal-organic frameworks for efficient adsorption of cellulose-damaging VOC in ambient conditions

DAY 3 – Connectivity, sensing, and cloud computing technologies

Recorded presentations

Museum Monitoring (MuMo) Creating a LoRaWan Datalogger for ModeMuseum Antwerpen with Open Hard- and Software

Investigating the possibility of using microchips (AQ:bits) for safeguarding special collections